What Is Abeka Home Schooling

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What Is Abeka Home Schooling

When thinking about home schooling, its easy to begin to be overwhelmed with the right place to begin. Since homeschooling has received more popularity in the 20th century than in the past, there are a lot more resources that you could have found 20 years ago. The downside of this is that there’s almost too much information from everyone coming out of the woodwork with his or her ideas, views, and preferred styles regarding homeschooling. For instance, you could spend a whole day just trying to figure out all of your state laws that pertain to homeschooling! You’ve probably heard A Beka mentioned quite a bit if you are investigating homeschooling. Although there are many types of homeschooling, such as Classical, Montessori, Eclectic, A Beka is not a type of homeschooling, its actually a curriculum package for homeschooled parents to use to teach their children.

A Beka is actually a curriculum that supports one of the methods of homeschooling: The Christian Method. Actually, A Beka is one of the most popular Christian homeschooling learning curriculum. It’s a curriculum guide that is published in Florida by Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida.

A Beka is a complete learning system for your child that has all of the bells and whistle’s, such as, teacher’s guides, templates for testing, suggested lesson plans, and well written text books. It is well knows that A Beka is a challenging curriculum and is usually one grade ahead of normal public schools. For example, second grade A Beka learning curriculum is equivalent to first grade public school lesson plans.

Its good to note, that A Beka is one of the more expensive Christian curriculums on the market, but is well worth checking it out. You can always look for used books, guides, and lessons plans online or in your Christian book stores if the new curriculum is out of your spending comfort zone. Its also good to check with some of your local homeschooling groups or internet review sites to read up on A Beka curriculum.